Jul. 13th, 2009

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Last night I was able to get some "out and about" mom time. Honestly, I get mom time, just for me, after all the kiddos are in bed, or in the morning before they get up. Of course I would like more, but I'm okay with what I get.

What I do miss is having some time to sit and giggle. To let my hair down and just laugh with the my gal-pals. Some folks call it "lady chatting," or "sitting in the hen house," but I call hanging out with my girl friends something different. I call it Sanctuary. During these times I learn about myself. How do these wise women see me? What wisdom do they have to share?

Last night I got an answer from the Universe from a dear friend of 10 years. She and I have been through it...let me tell you. From catty b.s., to break ups, to stress to everything. But we have stood the test of time, grown, and moved on in our friendship where we can start up a conversation about something started 5 years ago.

Last night she asked me if I was happy. My reply was, yes, I'm happy as I'm supposed to be. I really am happy, and feel a lot of contentment in my life, but there is something missing. That part of me that is just me - not mom, wife, teacher, healer, reader, friend, etc. The Just Kim part of me. Somewhere over the past 12 years of my life (those who are into numbers will notice the significance of this number) I became really lost from my Inner Kim. But you know what? That is okay. This is how it happens, really. We have to know who we are not to know who we are. And that is something that I can tell you right now - I totally know who I am not! =)

I took the word magic of my conversation last night into Dream Time...and I dreamed of many things.

In the beginning of one dream I put my fairy stone onto a hemp cord and began to wear it (I found this fairy stone on our recent camping trip). At that point I could see into anything and everything. I was able to ask All That Is questions...and get solid answers. And yes, I asked a whole heckuvalot of questions! The answers I received are just for me (and those who were in the dream), but what I can share with you is this.

I am a storyteller. I share stories. My gift from All That Is happens to be intuition. This was told to me in Dream Time as well.

During my discussion I learned that there are many paths to the Divine, and that no one has the market cornered on the "True Path" to the Divine.

I was also told that we are each given a path and a gift. What we do with them is our choice, but wasting them (and we are given plenty of chances to realize both) is what causes us stress, worry and the like.

So there you have it folks. Life as I know it out here at Green Being Farm. ;)

Kipper's over - and I'm ready for some fruit and toast.

Love you!
Hugs and kisses

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