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Finished two books on my list, meme and currently reading

Hello there!

Happy Friday to ya!

I've finished reading:
Lies My Teacher Told Me
My Life Is My Sundance

Both were good reads. There was a common theme in both, dealing with racism and the like, that I'm already aware of in our current culture. I like "Sundance" better.

If you can believe it, I've never read the book, The Poisonwood Bible!!! While looking up some Anne Lamott that was suggested to me, the book fell off the shelf at me. This happens to me quite a bit, so I knew it was for me to read. ;)

I'm still taking suggestions on books you would suggest I read - especially for someone currently a little lost on their path. ;)

And now...meme time!

From [personal profile] firinel
My life has been one long journey (still going), that is made up of several small journeys. Right now I'm studying "journeying" as it pertains to someone on the "shaman's path." I like the way this site defines shamanic journey.

If you look at that site, and understand what is said there, then my life has been a non-stop shamanic journey. ;)

I've never walked the exact same path twice, but I have walked paths that are very alike.

A path takes you on a journey. It is always fun to see where the two take you.


I feel that I have much to learn about this word. Accepting others is pretty easy, but I get pretty hard on myself. Much, much to learn...

As cliche as it sounds, the only constant truly is change. Once I accepted that, my life became much easier.

I truly love people in an unconditional manner. Really, I do... However, I may not agree unconditionally...and I respect your path of not accepting things I say unconditionally, too. =) Clear as mud, right?

From [personal profile] ryl
:) I must need to spend some time with the faeries...that has been a popular word for me. ;) I believe, 100%, that faeries exist. I don't think they all look like Amy Brown artwork, nor do I think tinkle music plays when they are around. In fact, I feel that they are more like humans than we know. ;)

I've been reading tarot cards for 14 years. At first I was Very Skeptical about using them, but have found the deck to be a very good tool for getting info from the universe.

I think I'll always be searching until the day I die. "The Truth is out there." ;)

I've had this one several times, too. ;)

To me there is nothing more wonderful than song - from instruments, paper, mouths and nature. Music is a major part of my life. That is one thing that Kurt Vonnegut and I have in common. ;)

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