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Because I'm just this way of late...

A few weeks ago, while still following the gluten free/milk free diet for my kiddos and myself, I became highly aware of food labels.

So you know I was *highly* *aware*.

Just as many "organic" and "natural" food products contain high fructose corn syrup. Organic though it may be...it is still (*GASP*) high fructose corn syrup.

Now I know this may be shocking and all...and you may want to unfriend me right now...but here is what I learned as an "organic" farmer.

The Mister and I were organic farmers for long enough to see through the sham of it. The paperwork takes more lawyers than McCain has houses. The word "organic" first meant something scientific pertaining to life forms and all. Now it is something you must eat or you will get some kind or horrific mutation of the something or other. But I'm getting off topic. ;)

So, after days of mind-numbing legalese, we realized - like many "organic" farmers started to realize, too - that "organic" was only a marketing tool. Things like Sevin, chemical fertilizers and other poisons are allowed on "organic" food. This is why so many road side vendors are saying, "pesticide free," or "bio-dynamic treatment." However, the "organic" food with no government funded pesticides has the same nutritional value as the "conventional" food. Along with that, the "organic" food is allowed to have the same toxic properties as "conventional" food, but on a lower scale.

I used to write about this quite often when we were farming...how hard our peers were working to keep their heads above water, how we were dealing with the USDA, and what it truly means to be a farmer these days.

Today I went scrambling for a snippet of the video about the Indian guru who ate only from the dumps of New Delhi. (it was a video on aruyvedic medicine) As the interviewer asked questions, it became aware that the guru made a conscious decision to eat from the dumps. When asked why he did this, his reply was that this was food from the Gods. He would bless it, give thanks and pray over it...and that is how he had come to live a very healthy life up to his 87th year.

Those high fructose corn syrup ads are not the devil. I think they are great. There is mention of "in moderation," and that one should "get the facts." Yes, there is reference to corn growers, but they are no less hideous than the dairy/meat/pork/salmon councils who have felt a hit in their salaries with the onset of healthier, more "organic," and more "natural" foods, and that have decided to tell you how good their products are for your health.

Please understand that I'm the number 1 champion for healthy food. I disapprove of the fact that "organic" foods are for those who can afford them, and believe that all people have the God-given right to healthy food. But when the choice is high fructose corn syrup food, or no food, I'll take the junk any day.

And then I'll give thanks that my belly is full, my kids are fed and that I will live another day.

Just sayin'


Love the high fructose corn syrup. Love it with all your might.


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