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Hi there!

Info about this is located here.

There were a lot of questions from y'all, so I'm going to answer the ones that were asked more than twice.:)

Why are you not writing on LJ anymore?
I've written here for over 4 years. This has been a very wonderful experience for me -- even if I've met a few bad apples. *grin* Over the past year I found myself forcing out entries, writing to just have something to write. Along with that, I've made LJ a crutch for my creative path -- as if LJ was some kind of litmus test for my creativity ("well, if the folks on LJ like it, then it must be okay...").

Validation is a word that could be used, too, as I feel that when I needed a reason to be validated, I run to LJ (and it usually happens).

On top of that, I just fell that it is the right time for me to move back to my online writing roots with a Blogger account. I've had an account there before they even had comments! *grin*

LJ also has a super weird vibe to it these days -- not y'all on the old friends list -- but the company itself. When I log on to post, I get that creepy old dude in the alley feel about it.

Anyway, I'll be reading y'all...I promise. =)

Will you post updates about your path, the new baby and so on
I had to pinky double swear to someone that I would "most certainly keep updated on baby stuff." So, yes, I will update y'all on the wee babe. As far as everything else, that would mean writing here again. ;) If something of serious note happens, I can post it here, too, but this will not be my main site.

Are you still writing a book/zine/etc.
Yes. Those of you who purchased a subscription will get a snail mail update on the writings and so on. If you want to know more, please feel free to leave a note in the comments section. Right now my big "sekreet" projects are: working on something about moderate mothering (AP meets WalMart kind of stuff), Conversations with Albert and other goodies. ;)

Anything you want to tell me
I got that a lot from folks.

The only thing I would tell one of you, is something I would tell all of you. For real, and for true, I love you. You are a very special person with talents, dreams and magic all around you. Everything you dream of is yours, and I will do whatever I can to help you achieve those dreams. If you ever need a person to listen to you -- that is me, and I love to help you in any way I can.

Have you converted to Christianity
Hmmm...not sure why I got that one so much, but to answer the question, nope, I'm still a Kimboist. ;) I feel that all paths lead to the same goal - union with the Divine, which is ultimately realizing our own Divine potential. ;)

With that, I'm off to do the momma thing!

I love you!
(if you find a lot of typos, that is due to a wiggling wee boy on my lap *grin*)

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