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Hello there!

This is something I never did on LiveJournal, but think would be a good idea to do on Dreamwidth. :)

My tag line on boards and e-mail lists these days reads:
Radical mom of four. That is all there is. There is nothing more.

While that it amazingly true, it is not the all of who I am. There is more to me than even I understand. ;) So...to keep it easy, let's go with the basics.

~ I'm a 37-year-old mother of 4 who has been interestingly married for 11 years.

~ My life is pretty simple...not because of any agenda, or desire to "be something," but because that type of lifestyle keeps me sane.

~ I used to be a super crunchy parent with the tongue of a snake, the caddiness/cattiness of a high school cheerleader and the ennui of that one college professor you had. But I got better, got real and got healthy. No mama is an island. I've been "crunchy-free" for about 4 years and am so happy about it. :) Over the past year I've just really dug being a mom. :)

~ Outside of my mama life I am a professional tarot reader/psychic and artist. I was going to school to be a holistic healthcare practitioner, but gave it up b/c that is not really what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Writing is my favorite thing in the world...it just takes time I don't seem to have right now. ;)

~ Spiritually I'm a Kimboist. This means I fully believe I have the power to find the Divine in any path that offers up what I need to connect to the Universe and all living things. Buddhism has helped me find peace in my life that no other faith system has been able to do. I'm reading a lot about Native ways (of the Americas and other places).

~ I have been depression free for over 2 years. This has a lot to do with my spiritual path, but a lot to do with getting my body healthy, too.

~ Here is a picture of me - not really that recent, but fun...

And that about wraps it up. Anything else you want to know...just ask!


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