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Hi there!

Okay, I'm taking submissions for People. Like me. Any size story/piece is fine, but please edit your work. Fairly decent distribution, writer retains copyright and piece is placed in the 'zine for copy of said 'zine (this means I can't pay for submissions). Any questions you may have, please leave me a comment. Otherwise, please send submissions to me via e-mail to greenbeing(at)windstream(dot)net. I need them no later than Sept. 23 for Oct/Nov 'zine. Thanks!

Here is the class lineup right now.

Starting September 24th - Introduction to herbs and energy healing (Reiki, touch therapy and so on). Both classes are $25 each, with a sliding scale in place for those who can't pay the full amount. Also, there are some kind souls out there who are willing to help pay for the classes if you wish to take them but don't have the cash right now. =) There must be at least two people in each class. So far it looks as if I will have 5 per class for sure. If you think you will/won't be able to participate, please let me know as soon as you can. These will also be "advertised" in other spots, and you are free to point people in this direction, too.

Starting in late October, I will be teaching tarot (this will be a long class), creating daily practice and intro to gems, stones and minerals as healers. :)

Several people have asked about tarot readings...

I will do them for anyone who asks, but must start charging for them. If you ever need to ask me a question, or need someone to talk to, I'm always here. However, it takes some work to do a reading...and I'll need to charge a small fee. =)

And, yes, I am open for spiritual counseling, herbal/nutritional counseling and healing work. Please comment, or write, for more information.

Alright...that about wraps it up. I'm off to do some homework!

*loads of love*

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