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Because it is way overdue, I'm doing the "here is what you need to know about me" post.


My tagline for sites is almost always this:
Radical mom of Four. That is all there is. There is nothing more.

As long as I can remember (which is a short time because I've very little childhood memories), my life has been extremely spiritual. At times it has been seriously metaphysical, and I've grappled with this for years. Right now I'm very happy with my odd-ball melting pot faith system...it works for me. Currently I'm studying Native American Culture and Faith along with Buddhism. The two lend themselves to each other very well. Being a part of both faith systems puts me squarely into the "Pagan" category -- but I prefer to call myself a Kimboist. This means I follow the Divine Guidance from within. ;)

Outside of mothering and wife-ing, I'm an artist. My genres are: writing, photography, digital art and now...filmmaking. These mediums take me to the very core of my sanity, and they are not usually shared with the general public. My life has brought me to a point of revelation (and not the kind at the end of the Bible...). If we are given gifts from some Divine Parent, or even just from really good genetics, it seems a shame to waste them. I am in a space of No Fear, which is a great time to let people see inside my heart, mind and soul.

I've been happily married for 11 years. At times it has been rocky and stressful, but it always comes back to a place of love and deep respect. The Mister (my husband) can remember the first meal I made for him, and what I wore on our first date. He is beautifully intense, and wicked smart. My nicknames for him are Gandalf and Mr. Wizard. Also, he is 14 years older than me and a Leo (I'm a Cancer). It works for us, and we are very happy.

My family and I live a very simple life. For years I was hard-core dogmatic crunchy AP mom, but then I got real. I'm still very natural-minded, and give the neighbors something to talk about, but my son helped me realize that putting a title on parenting can cause division lines. I'm mostly vegan right now, but purely for health reasons. If given the chance I would love to eat a mexi melt from Taco Bell every day. At the end of the month we have more expenses than money, but we always make due. My favorite store is Goodwill, and I Freecycle quite a bit.

My kiddos are homeschooled, and I face challenges with my kiddos because they are gifted. I am not using this loosely, as I've looked for solutions to issues with one of my older kids for years. After almost losing my sanity, I am finding peace with the diagnosis of "gifted." It looks as if my younger two are in the same boat...only time with tell. While it may seem like peaches and cream to be working with 4 gifted kiddos, it does make me a bit manic at times when they all gather around me. Sort of like an episode of Star Trek where Kirk is asked if he is "of the body." Folks tell me that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree with the kiddos, so imagine living in a home with 6 people who have their own mind about things...and how we should all live. =)

So...the key to my life, in all aspects mentioned above, is simplicity. I don't do well with titles, and I am constantly re-thinking who I am on a daily basis. For some this would be maddening...for me it is calming. The world is too big to stay in one place for a long time...but in the same thought, I love being right where I am all the time. =)

I used to maintain many filters, but only have one, now. It is a spiritual filter, and in it there will be all the things I don't mention to the general public.

Should there be an emergency, and you need to contact me, please send me a text message or drop me a message via LJ.


Thanks for reading all of this!
*hugs and love*

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