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So today is my birthday. At 12:58 (or so), I will be 38 years old. There were times in my life that I thought I might not reach this age. And, even deeper, there were times that I wished I wouldn't reach this age.

But...here I am...in all my wild, wonderful and weird glory! *wry grin* Everything that life has given to me has been a rich and poignant blessing. Each moment I take a breath, I am given a brand new "now" to be here.

There is a quote from the book Dune that I love...
A beginning is a very delicate time...

When we emerge from our mother's womb, a life of beginnings awaits. Ponder that for a moment. After we are born, we will constantly be experiencing something new. While we may deal with a familiar situation, there will never be the exact same experience twice.

Even in death we are amidst a beginning. While folks will argue over where you "go after death," there is no denying that your body will start a journey to something else (even if you have been preserved to the gills with chemicals).

For my birthday I would like to give you a present, or grant some wish. In the comments, or via e-mail, please tell me what you want for my birthday.

Loads of love...and some Sugarcubes,

NOTE: I know many people think this song is about an old man being a creep to his neighbor girl, but for me it means something completely different...nothing creepy at all. Bjork is often quoted as saying Birthday is/was "a tasteless pop song." Sometimes a cigar...is just a cigar...

She lives in this house over there
Has her world outside it
Scrapples in the earth with her fingers and her mouth
She's five years old

Thread worms on a string
Keeps spiders in her pocket
Collects fly wings in a jar
Scrubs horse flies
And pinches them on a line

She has one friend, he lives next door
They're listenening to the weather
He knows how many freckles she's got
She scratches his beard

She's painting huge books
And glues them together
They saw a big raven
It glided down the sky
She touched it

Today is a birthday
They're smoking cigars
He's got a chain of flowers
And sows a bird in her knickers

They're smoking cigars
They lie in the bathtub
A chain of ... flowers

The Sugarcubes - Birthday
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