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Next week I'll answer some more of your questions...

A short and sweet FGF!

Here are my top ten tips for saving money. Enjoy! :)

1. Always check your receipt after making a purchase. Many times I catch computer errors that are in my favor.
2. Stop fretting over your budget. The more you focus on what you don't have...the more you won't have. Great mystics, and now scientists, say this -> "what you think you become."
3. Find a way of frugal living that works for you. Not everyone saves money the same way. If Cathy Coupon Clipper saves $200 a month in coupons, don't expect the same coupons will work for you.
4. Every budget has breathing room. No matter where I am in my financial journey, I've always had a few dollars out of nowhere.
5. Keep yourself healthy by getting plenty of rest, taking time for stress relief, eating well and brushing/flossing your teeth. (by "eating well" I mean skipping the junk food aisle and purchasing more fruits, veggies and grains - you can do this on a limited income...trust me)
6. Stop comparing yourself to others. This leads to stress, and stress leads to spending more money.
7. Create a wish book. Use whatever materials you have around to make a book of things you want for your life. This does not mean you have to cut out pictures of washers and dryers, but if it is your life goal to have them, then put them in the book. Write out goals you have for your physical and spiritual life as well.
8. Pets aren't always a big expense. Many families benefit from having a small pet in the house. There are so many wonderful resources out there for free pet goodies, and it helps teach responsibility.
9. Use the library for all your media needs.
10. Tell yourself, each morning, what a great person you are. :)

Tuck these tips somewhere they can be seen daily.

(saving money and being frugal isn't always about being a tightwad *wink*)

Love ya!

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