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As I as making breakfast, a wave hit me. Not literally, y'all, but metaphorically. ;)

I've been studying religion and spirituality for 20 years. New faiths and new ways of thinking come up all the time, and it is not unusual to read about a new branch of a main faith growing followers.

Back to this wave . . .

There has to be something that ties everyone together. Above science, above theology, above all understanding. Science is just tipping the scales into the realm of the Unknown, and actually defining what Great Mystics have known for ages. A few nights ago I had my mind blown learning about atoms and neutrons, and how they can be in two places at one time. Sure makes those "kooks" who know about astral travel look much more credible now, doesn't it? ;)

Anyway...I've been on this search...for something that can bring all people together, no matter what background/lifestyle/faith system they have. It is more than just love... And while Love is the main tenet of my own personal faith system, there is something more. Something so obvious that we are totally missing it. This "bigger than us" energy/thinking will bring everything together.

I think I can do it. I think anyone could do it.

This is what happens to me after eating fried potatoes with Ethiopian berebere seasonging. ;)

Give thanks, give praise!
Love ya,
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