May. 29th, 2009

justkimu: (kamera kim)
Good Morning Internet!

I can officially tell everyone about my little projects.

Your truly has entered the world of filmmaking. Along with this I've been writing and creating fun little things on paper. Today another one of my electronic toys, er, I mean tools will show up on the FedEx truck. I can plod on with what I have, but I still need a digital camcorder. That will come in time (and I'm totally good with begging for donations)...

The first project I'm working on deals with small towns. That is about all I'm going to tell you. :) The other one has to do with mothers and the amazing division lines I see out there. I have some other things up my sleeve, too, but that's all I'm givin' you for now! =)

Before I start begging for grant money, I need some finished project and fulfilled goals. So far things are going very well (oddly), and I'll be rollin' into my hometown sometime in the next two weeks. There are a few things I need (release forms and such) before getting into this fully, along with gathering my nuts in my hands so that I don't get too damn scared. ;)

I haven't felt this alive in years...even the kiddos have noticed a difference. Well, didn't that sound a little bit dramatic... (tee hee) Let's just say I feel all grown up...

That is all I got for this morning - busy, busy day for the old Kimbo.

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